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Unleash your career

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Take your career to the next level! 

This 4-week program will give you the knowledge to create your personal development plan for your product management career. 

You will create your personal development plan tailored to your current and future position. A clear framework of which skills are required on which career level will help you to manage your career like a successful product. 

You will learn best practises on how to become more visible and influential at work to drive change and your career. With proven strategies, you can take charge of your career and confidently make the next step.


  • Online Master Class starts on the 26th of June until the 24th of July.
  • Weekly sessions every Monday 4:30 - 7pm CEST (online, live & no recorded videos)

What you'll get

  • Product Management Career development framework (PDF)
  • Individual skill analysis & development plan
  • Best practices on how to make your amazing work more visible
  • Knowledge on influencing others without authority
  • Peer experience & expert advice
  • 1 month post-master class e-mail consulting

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Note: The Master Class will only take place if minimum number of participants is reached.

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll be part of the Master Class to unleash your Product Management career to create your personal growth plan and boost your career.

Development plan
Know what to work on to become a product master
Skill-Levelling Overview for Product Managers
Know wahts needed on each level of a PM career
Influencing others positively
Influence others, even with no authority
Get more visiible
Show the great work you do!

Unleash your career

0 ratings